Welcome To Bag IT

Established in 2017 with a great team to look after the marketing and supply of the products all over the Pakistan. We believe to get into basic necessities of individual and come up with innovative daily usable household products, lifestyle products, etc.

“BAG IT believes in keep moving rapidly by hitting milestones” we believe to go along with our customer?s needs and satisfaction.

Our goal at BAGIT goes beyond simply selling goods. In order to help people, businesses, and communities better their way of life, well-being, and realise their full potential, we want to build something real and concrete.

We are Pakistan’s first online fashion and wellness store, but we are SO MUCH MORE THAN THAT. In addition to being your store, we also serve as your personal trainer, beauty consultant, happiness partner, and motivational support system.

Our Purpose:
A Stylish, Healthier & Fitter You!

Our Culture:
Community First.
No Tricks.
Lead, Motivate, and Inspire.

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